Monday, 2 January 2017

Embracing the 'winter coat'

Anyone that has known me for a long time, will know that up until this year I've never really had a proper 'winter coat'. I'm sure maybe some of you will still be like 'mate, that's not a winter coat'. Well, compared to the piddly little jackets I usually flounce about in, it's pretty darn toasty! I generally hate coats for several reasons, please see below;

1. Why so hot though?
2. If I'm shopping and want to take it off, what do I do with it?
3. It's draped over my arm, but I really just want to put it in the bin.
3. I can't put it in the bin because it was too expensive.
4. Aimee, you already throw the spare change from your purse in the bin. STOP LITERALLY THROWING MONEY WAY (don't worry, it's one of my resolutions to stop doing that).

However, being the insta whore that I am, back in Autumn I started to see leopard print pop up everywhere and I mean everywhere! And being one not to shy away from jumping on the band wagon, I hunted down this little RI Plus beauty. I'm a huge fan of the range anyway, so cheers River Island, you've excelled yourselves yet again. 

It's everything I could want in a coat. It's longline, single button fastening on the outside plus one on the inside to keep you extra snuggly, it's great quality, decent price and it makes me resemble one of my idols, Pat Butcher. 

I think I'm a coat convert. 

I wear it with everything, but this time I paired it with this amazing shirt dress from In The Style's new plus size range. It was £39.99 and I am amazed by the quality and fit for such an affordable price (heads up-they do student discount). I sized up as I wanted quite a loose fit. It has a dip hem, which I don't usually like but it sits well with the flowy movement from the waist downwards. The skater style accentuates the waist slightly, saving me from looking like a sack of potatoes. It was the first thing I've ordered from them, so I'm excited to place another order. 

The final details I added were a pair of over the knee boots. I'd say don't bother unless you invest in a really good quality pair or they will just fall straight down. I've even tried boob tape, but nothing is stopping these bad boys from swinging round my ankles after walking for 30 seconds. The amount of times I've been bent over in public pulling them up is embarrassing, I need to give up and bid farewell to them. 

I have been obsessed with these Michael Kors quilted gloves that my Aunt bought me for Christmas. However, taking a photo of putting gloves on proved to by tricky, the other photo option I had my fist clenched as if I was about to deck someone. 

Also had my Michael Kors Selma bag, which is my standard everyday bag. Fits a lot of sh*t in.

Leopard print coat- River Island Plus (also available in main range)
Over the knee boots- Yours Clothing (no longer available), similar here
Michael Kors quilted gloves (gift from Aunt which she bought in NYC, similar online here)
Necklace (really old, so can't remember where it's from SORRY)

Hope you like it! :)

Photographer (I use that term loosely): Sarah

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