Sunday, 3 July 2016

What's in my Z Palette

My individual eyeshadow love started with Mac many moons ago. I still remember the excitement and feeling of satisfaction of slotting the last couple of shades into my 15 pan palette. That thing was my baby! Oh how times change. Like the rest of the beauty loving community, my addiction has moved beyond just having a sh*tload of Mac. Yes, some of their eyeshadows are still some of my favourites, but I personally believe that you can get better quality shadows for a lower price (enter Makeup Geek). Thankfully other brands jumped onto the individual pan thing! It's so much more convenient and better value than having a huge palette where you end up with a bright ugly green that you'll never use. 

This is my perfect palette. A range of neutral, brights, mattes and shimmers. So what are the shades, you might ask...

As you can see the palette is extremely well loved/filthy!

First row- MG Shimma Shimma, Anastasia Glisten, MG In The Spotlight, Anastasia Pink Champagne, MG Cosmopolitan, MG Grandstand & Mac 

Second row- MG Homecoming, Mac Sumptuous Olive, MG Mango Tango, Mac Cranberry, Anastasia Sangria & MG Showtime

Third row- Mac Brûlée, MG Peaches and Cream, MG Creme Brûlée, MG Chickadee, MG Cupcake, MG Cocoa Bear & Mac Antiqued

Fourth row- Mac Swiss Chocolate, Mac Brown Down (wouldn't really recommend), Morphe Secretive, MG Bitten, MG Corrupt, MG Flame Thrower & Anastasia Sienna

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