Sunday, 27 September 2015

Review: The Warehouse Cafe, Birmingham

I'm quite an adventurous person when it comes to food, I pretty much like everything except tomatoes . However, when I venture back to the homeland that is Birmingham I tend to stick to eating in the Bullring which is just full of chain restaurants. Don't get me wrong, I love a Nando's every now and then but after getting to know some foodie bloggers in Birmingham I've had some great recommendations for unique places that really have a lot more to offer. The lovely Tasha arranged a little meet up back in January at The Warehouse Cafe and I've been back a few times since, I just can't get enough. It is a vegetarian restaurant located in an old converted warehouse, hence the name. It's just down the road from Moor Street station, so really close if you're perusing the Selfridges beauty hall.

The menu has a tonne of incredible dishes that would satisfy even the hardest to please taste buds. The specials board is beyond amazing too! The goats cheese burger that I had appears on there often and thank god! You can tell that they are super passionate about food and equally about fresh, healthy produce. The staff create a super chilled out, friendly vibe which combined with the incredible food, has created a loyal customer out of me!

So what did I have?

I ALWAYS get the elderflower cordial. Always, always. For the simple reason that I bloody love elderflower.

I chose the hummus trio as my starter, which is what I have pretty much every time. The beetroot offering is probably my favourite, it's such a fresh flavour that I could never get tired of eating it.   Saying that, all of them are a taste sensation. Any hummus lover will be obsessed with this dish. They even manage to make the crudities taste amazing and don't even get me started on the homemade bread!

Can we take a moment to appreciate this goats cheese burger. I'm actually struggling to write this part because I am salivating so much! I don't really like beef so I always opt for chicken or veggie when having a burger and this was definitely one of the nicest I've ever had. The base was a homemade patty made with a blend of spinach, beans, wheats and peanuts which creates the perfect texture. Beyond delicious on it's own. It was then topped with breadcrumbed goats cheese that just melts in your mouth. They finish it off with caramelised onion, pesto and the most gorgeous grilled bun. Served with a beautifully dressed salad and some delicious sweet potato fries that are just heavenly. I'm an absolute sweet potato fiend and these are up there with the best.

I then chose the Kreissler Pudding for my dessert. I was so full that I wanted something quite small, I'd usually have the brownie which is amazing but I don't think I could've handled it! It's a sugar free raw food mousse made from banana, avocado and chocolate. It's not a traditional light, fluffy mousse. It's beautifully creamy and is well complimented with the topping of spiced fruit. This would be a good dessert for people that don't like dessert as it's not overly sweet. Also, how cute is the presentation?

Have you tried The Warehouse Cafe before? Also if you have any other Birmingham city centre restaurant recommendations, please let me know :)

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