Sunday, 9 August 2015

Review & Swatches: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks

(L-R) Milkshake, Sorbet & Blush

On my recent trip to New York, the Anastasia liquid lipstick were at the TOP of my wishlist. When every single blogger, YouTuber, Intsagrammer raves about a product it's worth investigating, surely. The only place I could find them was Macy's and the stand looked like it had been raided! Obviously the most popular place in the entire beauty hall. Pretty much all the shades that I initially wanted were out of stock. No Sad Girl, no Pure Hollywood, no Potion, I was devastated. So I picked Milkshake as I thought it would be a lighter alternative to Pure Hollywood. Big mistake but I'll get onto that shortly. I was then trying to decide between getting Sorbet and Blush, my friend Becky told me to get both and I didn't really need much more convincing. 

Milkshake- Let's just address the obvious first- IT'S TOO DAMN PALE! I honestly don't understand how this works on anyone. I'm pretty pale! I found it so unflattering. I looked like an early 2000's concealer-lipped chav, which to be honest isn't generally the look that I go for. I don't know whether it's the tone of my skin, the warmth of my hair or what, it simply just doesn't look right. Also, after a little wear time it went really patchy and I'm talking like 10-15 minutes. So disappointing. Pale colours are obviously quite hard to formulate and I think they've just missed the mark with this one.

Blush- This isn't usually my kinda colour. I feel that pink makes me look like an overinflated Barbie, but this one I actually like! I think that the shade works really well with my skin tone and makes my complexion look brighter. It's described as a pomegranate pink, which I don't really see myself. It's a perfect mid-toned pink that I think would suit everyone.

Sorbet- Time for the star of the show (in my opinion anyway!). This is the perfect Summer shade. Personally, I would describe it as coral but the website says a milky cantaloupe hue. I mean, what the hell? A tad strange. The formula is so opaque and goes on very smoothly, it's an absolute dream to apply. Opaque within one swipe, this is a real winner that I can see myself wearing a lot.

Generally I'm really impressed. I just think that a shade like milkshake is hard to pull off and I will bow down to anyone that can rock it. However, I do only recommend them if you love a matte lip, if you're a gloss lover you will hate them! As someone who has tried their fair share of matte lipsticks, the application and formula is definitely up there with the best of the best. Really comfortable, great opacity and amazing shades. This range really is worth the hype that it's received and I can't wait to get my hand on more of them!
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