Tuesday, 9 June 2015

What Spending Ban?

So saving up for New York has meant that I've had to put a little spending ban in place recently. However, I'm weak. You know that! If you're looking for a voice of reason and willpower then you've come to the wrong place. I like pretty things and pretty things cost money, a lot of money. Back to the fact that I am weak....SO THIS HAPPENED. 

LA Splash has had a regular spot on my Instagram feed for a while and you'd be insane not to see why. The colour range and pigmentation of these tubes of absolute glory is incredible. So after constant swapping of screen captures of our favourite shades Vanessa, Sarah and I decided to place an order via their website which wasnt the best to be honest- pricey delivery charges and customs fears, you know the deal. I tried to be sensible and only picked two- Charmed and Vampire. Then on a recent trip to Cocktail Cosmetics in Birmingham I discovered that they had started stocking LA Splash, you cannot imagine my excitement. Sarah and I did a little squeel of joy. So of course had to pick up a few more. The shades I chose this time were Malevolent, Ghoulish and Rose Garden.
 I have two different textures- smitten lip tint mousse and lip couture. They're both matte, like seriously matte. The smitten lip tint mousse is a slightly thicker consitencey, which means you need to be really careful with how much you apply, the tiniest bit too much and you could end up with flaking lipstick on your chin and no one wants that. The lip couture is a slightly thinner, more liquidy consistency which makes them a little easier to work with. Two thin layers of this bad boy and you're set for the whole day! I've worn them to work and didn't have to re-apply, not even once. I am ridiculously impressed with this brand, well what I've tried of it anyway. I've not been disappointed with a single shade, all of them a really unique shades that brands sometimes try to pull off but don't quite hit the mark. Think Limecrime, without the bad name.

Vampire- deepened purple toned red
Charmed- slightly grey toned muted pink/mauve
Malevolent-dark purple
Rose Garden- a pretty mid-toned pink
Ghoulish- a darker version of Charmed

(L-R) Vampire, Charmed, Malevolent, Rose Garden & Ghoulish

It's a quick 'look how incredible they are' post today, I will try to feature them in future posts so you can see what they look like on.

You can purchase them from the LASplash website and Cocktail Cosmetics (in store and online). 

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