Friday, 9 January 2015

My New Brow Hero: Billion Dollar Brow Powder

Over the years I've had some real troubling times with my eyebrows. One minute they're bearly noticeable and the next I'm looking like a Yeti. I know some of you out there will feel my pain. It happens to the best of us, right? 2014 was the year that I decided to take a stance against my unruly slugs and went on a serious hunt for the best brow products out there. Sorry Sarah, this is the main reason that we're friends! I used you for your brow secrets, you must be used to that by now though! I went through the whole roster, from powder to regular eyeshadow to gel to pencils. If it exists, it's been on my brows!

Now I really did save the best until last with this one. After seeing every blogger and their Grandma raving about Billion Dollar Brows, I decided to take the plunge and put in an order. Let's face it, it was only a matter of time. After a quick google swatch sesh, I decided on the brow powder in the shade taupe and it couldn't be a better match. I try not to have too many expectations when it comes to majorly hyped products, purely to avoid disappointment, but this little beauty lived up to every ounce of the hype! It has the perfect amount of ashy tone which enables me to create a natural yet perfectly sculpted brow with great ease and trust me, I'm no expert. I've found that paired with a decent brow gel, it lasts all day. 

I know what you're all thinking, is there a downside? Being perfectly honest, I really can't think of one. I couldn't really recommend this product enough, I challenge anyone to be disappointed with it. I can't wait to try some more of their products.

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