Thursday, 8 January 2015

Can't say no to a bargain!

Selfridges ay? It's one of my favourite places to shop, both in store and online. So when the post Christmas sales kicked off, I hit Selfridges and believe me, I hit it hard! I popped into the Birmingham store the day after Boxing Day and picked up some pretty amazing bits and bobs (TF Lips & Boys!!! Mainly influenced by the lovely Liz). However, today is all about what I picked up from the comfort of my own bed while watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and consuming my body weight in Terry's Chocolate Orange.

I rarely venture over to the Mac counter purely because I can't stand the crowds, it's absolutely bonkers! So with the ease of shopping online mixed with the sales, I just couldn't resist. Rose popped up a picture of the Mac warm neutrals pallete on Instagram and I knew there and then that it had to be mine! I've considered it for a while, so I didn't really take that much convincing to be perfectly honest. It was already an absolute bargain at £65 but at £58.50 I felt like it was daylight robbery! 15 Mac eyeshadows for £3.90 each??? How? I was worried that Mac might have sacrificed the quality when selecting the shades for the palette, but I must say that I am seriously impressed. They are all absolutely gorgeous and right up my street. It has everything you need to create a simple day look or a dramatic smokey eye. Everyones a winner with this crowd pleaser! Now, I hope your all sitting down for this one. Until now, I have never owned an MSF. I know, crazy right? So I decided to pick up the infamous Soft and Gentle. It is so frigging pretty, I could die! At £20.70, it wasn't exactly the bargain of the century but every little helps. I'm really impressed with the lasting power of this little beauty, it's still lingering on my face at the end of a very long day. The subtle golden glow adds life to my pale winter stricken complexion and believe me, it takes a lot.

In the short(ish) space of time that I've known Stacey, her beauty recommendations have cost me a small fortune. She has been raving about the Trish McEvoy 24 hour eyeshadow and liner for an absolute age, so I decided to cheat on my beloved ByTerry Ombre Blackstars and pick a couple up. I chose Smokey Quartz which is a plum shade and Topaz which is a bronze/brown. Both are full of shimmer, yet so smooth and easy to blend. Now I've not used them enough yet to stick the ByTerry's to the back of the drawer, but I must say that I am impressed. The colour, pigmentation and last power are all pretty spectacular, so stay tuned for a more in-depth review.

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