Monday, 20 October 2014

WTH? GlamGlow Supermud

Welcome to my new blog series! WTH? Which stands for Worth The Hype? Ever wondered whether a product is actually as good as everyone says it is? Well this is the series for you!

This cheeky little pot has been popping up on my radar for over a year now. Every Tom, Dick and Harry have had their go of GlamGlow, so why hadn't I? 'Most' of the time, I like to hang back on new highly hyped products and wait for my faves to review it. I finally gave in after hearing Zoe rave about it, plus LookFantastic have it on sale for £34.99. I would've been a fool not to really! 

This mask comes with a big promise to 'tighten skin texture and pores whilst fighting common skin problems such as blemishes, breakouts and even ingrown hair'. Now I can't really comment on the ingrown hair part as I'm not really a hairy gal! But as far as the rest of it's glowing description goes, I actually agree. I see a noticeable difference EVERYTIME I use this product. The thing that it helps me with the most is my skin texture, I'm talking babies bum status! Smooth like butter. Also, it has dramatically reduced the size of my blemishes time and time again. I went through a stage about a month ago where I changed jobs, my sleeping pattern was messed up and this all showed up on my skin. I looked like a pizza face/moon crater face. So this used in conjunction with a few other standout products really got me out of my skin sadness. 

Now it is quite pricey, so I only apply it to my problem areas. As my cheeks are pretty clear, I save product by mainly applying it to my oily t-zone and my spot-prone chin. Damn you chin! You're the bane of my life! Once the mask has gone from a dark standard clay mask colour to a light grey, you start to see all of the nasties being drawn from your skin, which is probably my favourite part! You can actually see the magic working. Pretty disgusting though I know. 

Is it WTH?

Yes- All of the reasons above!

No- I don't have any negatives! Other than maybe the price, as the usual £49.99 price tag is a bit steep. So get it for £34.99 while you can girls and boys, I might even get a back up. 

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