Monday, 8 September 2014

Bucket List

After stalking Vanessa's blog and coming across her Bucket List page (highly recommended by the way!), I have decided to put my own together.
  1. Go to New York.
  2. Go to Italy.
  3. Go to Brighton. 
  4. Visit my best friend Jess in Dubai.
  5.  Buy my own house.
  6. Learn how to play poker.
  7. Fly in a hot air balloon.
  8. Continue to make amazing friends through blogging.
  9. Go to the airport and pick a random place.
  10. Get back into amateur theater.
  11. Fly first class. 
  12. Get over my fear or roller coasters.
  13. Have more me time. Preferably in a spa!
  14. Go to Duck & Waffle in London.
  15. Stay at The Savoy.
  16. Have dinner at The Ritz.
  17. Master a Norwegian apple cake (my Mom's specialty).
  18. Ride in a gondola.
  19. Go to more places in Britain. 
  20. See old friends more often. After moving cities I've lost contact with some people :(
What's on your bucket list?
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