Saturday, 27 September 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Collection

Oh Charlotte tilbury, you absolute piece of beauty perfection you! This brand is slowly but surely taking over my Muji. My addiction to this glorious range is starting to get a little out of hand. Do I mind? Heck no! It comes to something when the lovely ladies on your local counter know you by name. The lipsticks are fast becoming part of my top picks. When I get asked the question 'What do you recommend from Charlotte Tilbury?', I always go with an eyeshadow quad or a lipstick. But then I sneakily work my magic and they end up with about ten items in their basket, I'm not even sorry.

Now let's get down to business.

The Matte Revolution range was launched recently and it was love at first sight! The squared tip makes it extremely easy and fool proof to apply. Struggle applying your lippy? Then try this bad boy out! The formula gives you a gorgeous opaque matte finish without drying out your lips. The original range is also pretty phenomenal. The creamy yet long lasting formula means that they're the perfect everyday lipstick. I quite often wear them to work and only find myself reapplying after lunch, which is handy if you're always on the go. They are all encased in gorgeous rose gold toned packaging, which just screams luxury to me. As you can see from the picture below, I have a real mix of shades, so I pretty much have every makeup look covered. If you're unsure of which shade to go for, just go and see someone on a counter, they're always so nice and helpful. I highly recommend the lovely Isabel on the Birmingham Selfridges counter, but all of them are amazing.

(L-R) Night Crimson, Nude Kate, Red Carpet Red, Coachella Coral, So Marilyn and Glastonberry. All can be purchased from the Charlotte Tilbury website or in most Selfridges stores (£23). 

I have uploaded a video to my YouTube channel showing you how each shade looks on. I also have a new video up of my morning skincare routine with Vanessa, so check that out as well if you fancy!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


So if you hadn't already heard, I've started my own YouTube channel. After featuring in a couple of Vannessa's videos a few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to give it a go. I currently only have two videos up, one really awkward robotic Introduction/Haul and The British Tag. I have quite a few videos planned for the future, as well as a few collaborations with some of my favourite bloggers and vloggers. If you have any video suggestions, then please let me know in the comments.

Keep up to date with new uploads by giving my channel a cheeky 'subscribe' :) Or follow me on Twitter.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Review- Charlotte Tilbury Air Brush Flawless Finish Powder

Now I feel like we know each other well enough by now to not have to justify my love and obsession for Charlotte Tilbury. An item from her range features in pretty much every picture on my Instagram. It's all simply flawless and my most recent splurge is no exception.On a recent trip to Selfridges, I saw the amazing Sali Hughes use the Charlotte Tilbury Air Brush Flawless Finish Powder (£33) and I think I practically ran to the counter to pick one up. I of course picked up 1 Fair, the palest as always! We're still trying to decide whether I'm fully human or part ghost.

I have been craving the perfect setting powder for a while. Being an oily skinned gal is a right pain in the backside! If I don't set most of my foundations in the morning, I'll be looking like I've been swimming by lunch. However, I'm a complicated little soul and although I don't want all of my natural glow (sweat) to show through, I also don't want to look completely matte. You see my predicament? I find that this powder is just the right balance of mattifying the skin as well as letting the skin breath and have a natural glow. I love that I can top it up throughout the day without looking like a dry powdery mess. It glides across the skin beautifully to give a gorgeous soft focus finish. It's so finely milled that it's pretty much undetectable on the skin, it just leaves you looking flawless. I use my Charlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt Brush to apply it and they are a match made in heaven!

Like most of the products in the range, the powder also has skincare properties. It contains rose wax and almond oil which hydrates the skin and keeps it looking flawless throughout the day, no matter how many times you reapply.

Sound too good to be true? Trust me, it's definitely worth the splurge!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Bucket List

After stalking Vanessa's blog and coming across her Bucket List page (highly recommended by the way!), I have decided to put my own together.
  1. Go to New York.
  2. Go to Italy.
  3. Go to Brighton. 
  4. Visit my best friend Jess in Dubai.
  5.  Buy my own house.
  6. Learn how to play poker.
  7. Fly in a hot air balloon.
  8. Continue to make amazing friends through blogging.
  9. Go to the airport and pick a random place.
  10. Get back into amateur theater.
  11. Fly first class. 
  12. Get over my fear or roller coasters.
  13. Have more me time. Preferably in a spa!
  14. Go to Duck & Waffle in London.
  15. Stay at The Savoy.
  16. Have dinner at The Ritz.
  17. Master a Norwegian apple cake (my Mom's specialty).
  18. Ride in a gondola.
  19. Go to more places in Britain. 
  20. See old friends more often. After moving cities I've lost contact with some people :(
What's on your bucket list?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tom Ford A/W Haul

I'm not really one to jump onto the limited edition collections, I just think that if I love it and want to repurchase it, then I will be disappointed and more than likely cry like a stroppy 5 year old. However, when the visuals were released for the Tom Ford A/W 2014 collection I majorly swooned. It just looked stunning, as does everything else that they do! My love for their products is growing stronger by the day, it seems that I can't walk into Selfridges without coming out with a bit of TF. Sarah and I were lucky enough to be invited to have a mini makeover at their counter during the stores Perfecting Beauty Event, which took place on Thursday. The gorgeous and extremely talented makeup artist Sian talked us through the new releases while applying them to our eagerly awaiting faces. It was love at first sight, I of course had to pick up a couple items. I'm weak. I have no willpower. Don't judge me! I chose the eyeshadow quad in Nude Dip and the Contouring Cheek Duo in Soft Core. 

Nude Dip is absolute perfection. For a palette of just 4 shades, it's actually quite versatile. I thought that I might miss there being a matte shade, but the quality and beauty of this product more than makes up for it. The finish of these shadows is like nothing that I've tried before, they are so smooth and shimmery.   I can't wait to experiment with different colour combinations and I'm sure you will be seeing me use this in an upcoming post. Being the shallow packaging lover that I am, I also love that it has the TF imprinted. 

Soft Core, you have absolutely stolen my heart. I actually got to have a sneak peek of this ahead of it's release thanks to a beauty bloggers event that I attended at Selfridges the previous week. There are two shades of the cheek duos but this one caught my eye straight away. I think that the blusher is so autumnal and will look gorgeous on my pale skin. The other is more of a warm shade, which for me isn't the kinda look I go for in autumn/winter. Give me rosy cheeks and a vampy lip any day over looking sun-kissed. The blusher is extremely pigmented and buttery, which makes it a dream to apply and blend. I cannot rave about the highlighter enough, I simply don't do glitter on my cheeks so when I saw that this gave a glowing from within effect, I knew that it had to be mine. 

I think the only thing missing was a darker lipstick, the colours in the collection were lovely but I already have similar colours from them. 

What has been your favourite release of the A/W collections so far? 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Aimee Bakes: Oreo Cupcakes

Is anyone else sat dribbling over The Great British Bake Off? I want a poached pear wrapped in pastry...YUM! So just to get you salivating even more, here is my recipe for the perfect Oreo Cupcakes. I made them for a bake sale a couple of weeks ago and they were one of the most popular and for good reason, they are delicious!


85g self raising flour
25g Horlicks
15g cocoa powder
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
pinch of salt
125g caster sugar
135g unsalted butter, softened
2 large free-range eggs
1 & 1/2 tbsp milk
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1 packet of Oreo cookies

200g unsalted butter, softened

450g icing sugar, sifted
3 tbsp milk
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 packet of crushed Oreos

Plus extra Oreos for decoration.

1. Sift the flour, Horlicks, cocoa powder, bicarbonate soda, salt and caster sugar into a bowl and combine with a spoon.

2. Whisk the butter until pale and creamy. Then add half of the eggs and half of the dry mixture. Mix thoroughly, then add the rest of the eggs and dry mixture. mix until smooth and combined. 

3. Add the milk and vanilla extract.

4. Place a WHOLE Oreo cookie in the bottom of your cupcake cases. Then spoon in the mixture so that the cases are about 2/3 full.

5. Bake at 170C for 22 minutes or until a skewers comes out clean. Once cooked, leave them to cool completely on a cooling rack.

6. While they're cooling, we need to make the buttercream! Mix the butter until pale and creamy, then slowly add the icing sugar and mix well. Add the milk and vanilla extract. Once completely smooth, add the crushed Oreos. 

7. Top them off with half an Oreo, just because it obviously needs even more Oreos!

If you don't like Oreos then this really isn't the post for you, but don't worry I've got your back, I have a few more recipes coming up.

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