Friday, 1 August 2014

Summer Lovin 2

 Happy Friday!

Here is another edition of my Summer Lovin series. I hope that you all check out these lovely ladies.
Paige's Preferences Where do I even start with Paige? She is possibly the kindest, sweetest and funniest person I've ever met, but don't get me wrong I can tell she's got a bit of sass in her! I've met her a couple of times now and I can already tell that she's a good friend. I suppose I better mention her blog! I am obsessed with her 'What's on my nails Wednesday' posts. Her layout is absolutely beautiful too, it's so pretty and girly.

Now I introduce Paige's bestie, Jess. Whenever I think about Jess now, the first thing that springs to mind is her drinking an Ed's diner milkshake, rather sexually I might add! Her and Paige are two peas in a pod, when I'm with Paige I feel like I'm with Jess and vice versa. She makes me cry from laughter, some of the stuff that she comes out with is hilarious but unrepeatable. Jess has some of the best reviews going, they are always so honest and detailed. Cant wait to see her next week! *excited emoji*
What a babe! I've spoken to the lovely Erin since pretty much the beginning of AimeeLoves. I describe myself as a lipstick addict, but she is something else!!! I've never known anything like it. She is so consistent with her posts, my hero, teach me your ways. I wish you'd hurry up and come to the Midlands to meet me and Sarah .

Finally, we have the lovely Amy. I had the pleasure of meeting Amy at Paige and Jess' meetup at the beginning of July and I loved her instantly. I've seen her a couple of times now and always have such a giggle. I love the mix of posts that she has on her blog, it's perfect! She was also the lucky winner of my birthday giveaway, I cant wait to help her pick out a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick next week :)

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