Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A New Nude

I've followed Charlotte Tilbury's career for years, even before I began reading blogs. I mean, what a bloody goddess. Her talent is beyond incredible and so is her makeup line. I've tried a few bits 'n' bobs and been more than impressed. Vintage Vamp palette, enough said. I am obsessed with the way that She has created her collection, it's kind of like paint by numbers for the face. Does that make sense? Just go with it anyway. There's no more 'what eyeshadow shall I wear with this lipstick?', she's got it all figured out! 

What I want to show you today is my new perfect nude lip. I attended a blogger event with Lancôme in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago and as per usual, I arrived over an hour early. There's only so much time that you can spend in Starbucks, so I took a stroll into Selfridges and felt a magnetic pull to the CT counter. I was having a browse and got asked the usual 'do you need any help?', I usually say no but being quite new to the brand I wanted an expert opinion. I was helped by the lovely Isabel (picture below, gorgeous isn't she!). She asked me what I was missing in my collection and let's face it, if I was being honest with myself I would've said that I was missing nothing as I have 362047 lipsticks. Me being me I had in my head that I didn't have a great nude. From that point on Isabel and I chatted for about half an hour discussing my blog, all whilst performing a lip miracle. They say that to create the perfect lip you need a liner, a lipstick and a gloss. I seriously agree. I've not got the fullest lips but she managed to give me a proper pout. I couldn't have whipped out my purse quick enough. 

She started with the lip cheat in Iconic Nude. The texture of this is incredible, it's so soft yet long lasting and the pigmentation is seriously impressive. Then came the lipstick in Nude Kate. Literally the perfect nude lipstick ever! I think overall this is the star of the show. She topped it with the lip lustre in Blondie. I'm not really a gloss kinda girl but it just livened up the look. It's a big claim but this is the perfect nude combination! It works for so many skin tones too. I used the three products when doing my friend Jazz's makeup and she's a lot darker than I. She looked phenomenal, I think she's a bit tempted to make a purchase now. 

If you want to learn more about the brand then I strongly advise that you to go to a counter, everyone that I have ever been served by has been super friendly and helpful. No snobbery which you can get at some counters. They are really passionate about the brand and are incredibly talented. Isabel also gave me a couple of light wonder foundation samples and my god is it incredible! It's definitely next on my purchase list. 

Please excuse my horrendous skin in the creepy close up, my skin is having a mare! 

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