Monday, 23 June 2014

Cheese? Cake?

Hi all!

If I know anything, then it's making the PERFECT cheesecake. Now it is a bit naughty, which is the opposite of what I'm trying to be at the moment. However, I'm a strong believer in having a treat every now and then. Plus there's fruit in it :/

This post is my entry the Rix Recipe Competition.

Chocolate and strawberry cheesecake 


  • 200g amaretti biscuits
  • 75g butter (melted)
  • 300g white chocolate
  • 150g dark chocolate 
  • 280ml double cream
  • 250g soft cheese 
  • 250gvmascarpone
  • 200g strawberries 
  • Summer fruit coulis to decorate

  1. Crush the biscuits and stir in the melted butter. Put the mixture into a cake tin and smooth down with the back of a spoon.
  2. Put it in the fridge to set slightly.
  3. Melt the white chocolate in a bowl over some simmering water. Keep your eye on it!
  4. Mix together the cream, philadelphia and mascarpone. Then stir in the melted white chocolate. Finely chop the dark chocolate and fold into the mixture.
  5. Slice the strawberries and place them on the biscuit base. Then cover the strawberries with the creamy mixture. Use a palette knife to smooth over the top and finish by squirting on some fruit coulis (however fancy you wanna get!).
  6. Chill for a few hours and enjoy! 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Summer Must Haves: Blush Edition

I have something to confess, please keep in my mind that you love me. I hate Summer. Let me paint you a little picture- I'm ghostly pale, I have freckles and I'm carrying a 'few' extra pounds. That mixed with the sun results in me looking like a sweaty burnt mess, again remember that you love me, even at my worst. Anyway, there are some aspects that I like. Other than pitchers of Pimms and BBQs, I love summer makeup trends. In my eyes it's all about a fresh natural base, simple eyes and a pop of colour on the cheeks or lips. Today I bring you my favourite summer blushers, keep your eyes peeled for the lip edit at some point over the next week or so. 

Nars blush in Mata Hari- This is truly one for all. It's so highly pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way. I've had it for over a year and I've barely made a dent in it. But that might had something to do with my owning a million blushers! The finely-milled texture means that it's so easy to blend. It has a gorgeous subtle plum tone that I love on my skin. 

Daniel Sandler watercolour blush in Flush- I am obsessed with the formula of these! They just look absolutely seemless on the skin. I apply it with the Real Techniques stippling brush, it blends like an absolute dream. I have got so many of my friends hooked on them as a result of my rave reviews. Newbies to this product might be worried that they are hard to get a hang of, but that couldn't be further from the truth! This particular shade is my most reached for out of the bunch, it brightens up my whole complexion so much. I could probably go on but I'll leave it there! Oh and I love the packaging :) 

Tarte Amazonion Clay blush in Tipsy-When my cousin went to Vegas last summer, I sent the poor sod into Sephora with a shopping list. I can only imagine the look on his face when he walked in, I'm guessing complete confusion. I have seen sooo many positive reviews about these blushers, so I had this shade and Exposed at the top of my list, unfortunately Exposed was out of stock. Gutted. There's nothing more to say than it's an extremely long lasting gorgeous coral shade. I'm dying to get my hands on a coupe more shades. 

Jouer blush in Peony- This is probably the most daring blush in my collection. However, its buttery texture means that it's so easy to work with. You literally have to tap your brush in once and then tap of the excess. It's a lovely cool toned pink shade. The packaging is very travel friendly too. 

Nars blush in Amour- Get ready people. This was my first Nars product! Let's face it, they are a cult classic and for a good reason too. This shade works with pretty much every makeup look. Like Mata Hari, it's highly pigemented and long lasting. I'm not really a shimmery blush kinda girl so this peachy pink is way more up my street than the legendary Orgasm blush. This one will always have a special place in my heart. Do you ever apply a product and remember the exact day that you bought it? No? Just me then! 

Nars Mata Hari, Daniel Sandler Flush, Tarte Tipsy, Jouer Peony & Nars Amour

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Healthy weekend breakfast treats

Good morning all! I hope that the weather is as glorious where you are as it is here, bring on the BBQ!

Breakfast is probably one of my favourite meals to cook, especially at the weekend when I've got a bit more spare time. Today I bring you three off my favourite dishes. They are all relatively healthy, always a plus. So let's get down to the recipes.

The fancy brekkie

Smoked salmon
1 egg
Splash of milk
Half of a wholemeal bagel
Black pepper

1. Whisk together the egg and a splash of milk. Pop it into the microwave for about a minute and a half, stirring after one minute.

2. Toast half of the bagel. Then spread on a thin layer of Philadelphia.

3. Pop the smoked salmon onto the bagel and top with the scrambled egg.

4. Finish it off with some black pepper. 

The mushroom lovers brekkie

1 field mushroom
A few slices of wafer ham
1 spring onion 
A handful of spinach
Half a whole meal bagel

1. Pop the mushroom into a frying pan with some low calorie cooking spray. Turn it over after about a minute and a half.

2. In the same pan, add the ham, spinach and spring onion. Cook until the spinach has wilted and the onion has softened slightly. Add seasoning. 

3. Toast half of the bagel.

4. Pop the mushroom on top of the bagel, then spoon on the spinach, ham and spring onions.

The fruity brekkie

2 eggs
1 banana
1 passion fruit
A handful of blueberries 
A handful of raspberries

1. Mash the banana with a fork, you want it to be quite chunky. 

2. Whisk the eggs and stir in the banana.

3. Spray a frying pan with low calorie spray. Add two tbs of the mixture per pancake to the pan. Cook for about 30 seconds each side.

4. Slice the passion fruit down the middle and spoon out the inside. Then scatter of the fruit over the pancakes.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Do I look vampy?

I completely blame Sarah from for forcing me to buy the Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp palette. I don't regret it at all, it's absolutely stunning. Today, I used the palette to create a simple day look. The versatility of this little beauty is incredible, it would also be perfect for a glam evening look. Unfortunately my evenings usually consist of Earl Grey and Netflix, oh well, it's pretty nonetheless. I wore this makeup to go to the cinema and for lunch with my friends Jess and Lucy. It lasted all day, I was so impressed. I kept everything else quite simple as the lightest shade is super shimmery, so I didn't want to take away any of the attention from the eyes. 

Benefit Big Easy in Fair
Mac Prolongwear concealer in NW15
Sleek contour kit in light (bronzer only)
Stila Kitten highlighting duo
Nars Sin blusher

Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp palette (prime shade all over lid, brow bone and the inner corner, enhance shade in outer corner and through the crease)
Gosh brow pen in dark brown (used as eyeliner) 
ByTerry Growth Booster mascara
Mac Omega eyeshadow (brows)

Urban Decay lipstick in Naked

On the same shopping trip, I bought a colour chameleon in the shade bronzed garnet. It is equally as gorgeous so expect a post real soon. 

Monday, 9 June 2014

What I did at the weekend

One of my new year’s resolutions was to see more of the country that I live in. Considering that I’ve lived in the UK since I was born, I haven’t been to that many different places. My Dad used to live in Penzance, so I already have a love for the South West. When my friends Jazz, Kayleigh and I were talking about a weekend away, I suggested somewhere down that neck of the woods. We fancied walking on the beach with proper fish and chips, so Weston Super Mare was an obvious choice, plus it’s not too far away. 

First thing on Saturday we all piled into my car with a specially compiled playlist, a picnic basket full to the brim of goodness and probably a few too many outfit options for just a weekend. We stayed at a hotel on the seafront, it was a bit retro but the view was gorgeous. Being big kids at heart, the first thing we did was head down to the pier to get our fix of the 2p machines! I was actually amazed that there were rides inside the building on the pier, I would’ve loved it if I were a kid. Who am I kidding? I loved it at the age of 22! Kayleigh went on this hamster wheel kinda thing, it was was a highlight of the trip as she ended up on her arse (pictures below, you’re welcome!). We couldn’t have picked a better date, there was a cider festival on the pier all weekend. After the obligatory fish and chips, we sat drinking cider all afternoon listening to two incredible musicians, Harrisen Larner-Main and Mike Ritchie. They were so good! The evening was spent drinking cocktails on the terrace overlooking the sea, they could have left me there for hours. 

Sunday of course had to be started by having a full English, you can’t argue with holiday traditions. Once we had stuffed our faces to the point of not being able to move, we headed to play crazy golf. Victory was mine! With my imaginary trophy in tow we headed back to the pier. After some arcade fun, we went down to the beach to have a paddle. About 20 minutes into our walk the heavens opened. I’m not talking drizzle, I’m talking full on chucking it down. We ended up wandering the streets soaking wet with no shoes on, we must have looked so classy. The disgusted look on the local’s faces whilst we walked through the shopping centre with our towels was hilarious. It was an eventful ending, it makes for a funny story anyway. 

I had the best time, there is nothing better than quality time with the girls. We’ve already made a pact to go away together once a year. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

I hope that you all had a good weekend too.

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