Sunday, 9 March 2014

Yankee Candles

I know how cliche it is for beauty bloggers/vloggers to love candles, but hey, I LOVE CANDLES! Yankee Candle are some of my favourites and I currently have two on the go that I have recently repurchased (sign of true love).

First up we have Fireside Treats. As expected it's yummy and sugary, and oh my it is a treat ;) 

Next is my all time favourite, Black Cherry. I love everything cherry! Cherry sweets, cherry car air freshener and oh yeah, cherries! Definitely check this one out if you like fruity scents. 

I have a few Laura Mercier candles that's I picked up in the Space NK sale waiting to be used, mega excited about these bad boys! Leave any recommendations in the comments box. 

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