Sunday, 16 February 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms

Several posts ago, I reviewed one of the Revlon lacquer balms. I wasn't wowed by the lacquer range, but the matte balms are another story! I now have five shades and I love them all. I do have my eyes on a couple more of the shades, so don't be surprised if you see them pop up on her soon. 

I am a matte lip kind of girl, you will rarely find me wearing a gloss. The matte balms are highly pigmented and very easy to apply. They don't dry down to a completely matte finish like traditional matte lipsticks, but I don't mind that. Now let's get down to the colours. As you will be able to tell, I like bright lips.

Elusive, Showy, Audacious, Striking and Standout (L-R)

 Elusive- A lovely wearable rosy pink. Once applied, I tend to dab this with my finger to give an even more natural look.

Showy- An extremely bright and pigmented intense pink. Not my normal kind of colour but it's stunning.

Audacious- Summer in a lipstick! An exact dupe to Macs Morange. The slight red tone makes this orange lipstick wearable without looking like Gisele. 

Striking- A bright postbox red. I think this is the one that I will use the most. I don't see the point in saving a red lipstick until a night out rock it everyday I say! This is the type of shad that you just have to whack on some mascara and you're done.

Standout- A classic rich red. More of an autumn/winter shade so I will be making use of it until the sun decides to stay out. (Although the sun is currently beaming through my window as I write this, crazy British weather!) This shade will complement every skin tone and make teeth look whiter. What more could you want? It is so similar to Russian Red from Mac.

I can't rave about them enough. The pigmentation is seriously impressive for a high street brand. They also have great staying power. These balms are a matte lip lovers dream. 

Have you tried them yet? 

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